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Why should I prefer a pre-made advertising video?

Video ads are known to be the most effective type of advertising, but professional video productions are very expensive, and most companies are unable to afford such a high budget.

A pre-made advertising video gives companies the opportunity to make the next step in their advertising without spending a fortune and gaining the attention and preference of the customers, easily, quickly and economically.

How can video be customized specifically for the needs of my brand?

With small changes the final video will give the impression that it was filmed specifically for your need. We are editing the following:

  • The messages in all the captions that appear during the video
  • The call to action texts
  • The information and contact details
  • The logo (we need the logo in high resolution)
  • Fonts & colours background
I have several ideas, but I will need help finding the right video and the messages it will have. You can help;

Certainly! Contact us and one of our advertiser experts will suggest you ideas that will make your video unique!

How much does a video cost?

The price of each video depends on production, duration and license. Contact us by phone, via the contact form or by email at info@digifirst.gr to let you know what the price of the video or videos you are interested in.

How can I order the video that interests me?

Contact us through our contact form or email us at info@digifirst.gr to order the video you are interested in and let you know about all the stages of the order and the payment methods.

How can I pay?

You can pay by paypal, credit card or by bank transfer to our company accounts.

How long do you want to deliver my order?

Within four days, perhaps earlier, but never later than your order and payment confirmed, your video is ready and sent to you. If you want to make any changes, you will review us and move on to the new version. You can make up to five (5) revisions on messages and captions until to take what you want.

If i buy more than one video, do I have a better price?

Yes, there is a special price list if you buy more than one video. Contact us to receive a custom offer according to your needs.

What exactly are the term & conditions of the license you provide me?

By purchasing a customized video, we provide you with a lifetime license that allows you to use the video for any online use on any website, any advertising platform, any social media platform, such as Facebook, YouTube, etc. The lifetime license is provided with all our pre-made video.

Who owns the copyright of video?
Can I resell videos to my clients?

Contact with us to let you know the levels of collaboration we can have to promote video to your customers.

Can i use this video for TV advertising?

To use video for a TV spot, you need to secure the necessary TV license that we provide it with additional cost. Contact us for more details.

Can i order you a video with my own script?

Scenarios and video productions to maintain the low costs character, are selected to fit and use by many professional categories. Tell us what you need and maybe you see your script in a future production.

I have more questions!

Contact us by phone, via the contact form or by email at info@digifirst.gr and soon one of our expert be with you.